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Children are welcome to enrol at any age from five to twelve years old. Every new child is enrolled at Level 1 and most children complete the programme within 3 years (or shorter depending on their age and ability).

Each class accommodates no more than 12 children, ensuring personal attention for every member of the group.


The program runs for just under three years and is divided into 8 levels. Each level runs for a term of 12 weeks (subject to age and ability). Classes are 1 hour a week with formal teaching which may include warm-up exercises and games.

The fee starts at £45.00 per month for Levels 1, 2 and 3; £50.00 per month for Levels 4, 5 and 6 and £55.00 for Levels 7 and 8. Cost for books and certificates are charged separately from Level 2 onwards.

The local licensed instructor is free to determine the fee. This fee is only for general guidance.

There is also a one-off £25 registration fee, payable by cash or cheque in the first term.

Learning Process

Children attend once a week lesson at their local centre.

In addition to the Smart Brain sessions, students will practice at home for 10-15 minutes of Smart Brain exercises per day. These 10-15 minutes are crucial for the development of the brain similar to the way in which children practise their musical instruments every day.

The Smart Brain programme is for average, below average, and above average children. The Smart Brain programme can help increase their learning abilities regardless of their abilities.

All instructors are professionals fully trained by Smart Brain, and attend regular training courses throughout the programme.

All children will be provided with a soroban and Smart Brain work books.

Local Classes

Please keep checking back here for details of more centres opening in the UK. If you wish to set up a learning centre in your area, please contact us for more information.

Local Classes: (click to view more info)

How to Book

Email : You may send us an email at to request an information booklet and registration form.
Online: Alternatively, fill in the online form.

Typically, we advise parents and their child/children to meet with the local instructor before they register. Our paramount interest lies with the child and therefore the child must be comfortable with the instructor.

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