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After-school Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning

Our instructors are also trained teachers for primary school Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. Currently, successful 11+ and secondary school prep lessons are being run out of Chafford Hundred. These instructors have coached students who have gone on to top grammar schools and independent schools in Essex.  These instructors are available to replicate the same methodology and resources in other parts of South-East London and Home Counties (within reasonable driving distance) in similar groups of 10-12 students. The opportunity for you is to become a manager of that centre which involves promoting, marketing, advertising and finding suitable halls to run these centres and coordinating the same with these instructors. The instructor will prepare all the materials. Your value add is your local knowledge and you will have the rapport with the parents. Both you and the instructor will work on revenue share basis. You will also have the opportunity to organise mock 11 plus exam sessions to generate additional revenue. This is a great opportunity for someone who has excellent inter-personal skills and ability to multi-task but not interested in teaching. As part of this scheme, we are also looking to add the number of instructors into this pool. If you are a trained and experienced primary school teacher and would like to join this growing network of instructors using our methodology and our resources (combined with your materials), then you may consider participating in this scheme and we will match you with a manager for your local area.  

Smart Baby programme

We are interested in anyone who is interested in running "mum and baby" programme which is aimed at babies as young as 1 month old to 12 months old. The purpose of this programme is to instil right brain training through daily interaction in stimulating sessions using music and flash cards. This is a new opportunity within Smart Brain and therefore we are looking for someone is enthusiastic and entrepreneurial to develop a novel business idea. What better way than to make a positive contribution to the parenting world than to impart such priceless techniques to help boost children's brain development from the moment they are born. In the weekly session, the mum will learn a new technique which will be practiced at home with the baby.
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