Every child deserves Smart Brain

Give your child a head start in life. Smart Brain Mental Maths Programme will release your child's potential and let them excel. You will see amazing improvements in all of your child's school subjects in a short time.


Smart Brain enhances the mental development of your child, all within 3 years*. It utilises Japanese abacus and visualisation skills to improve your child's capacity to process mathematical problems, whilst also improving memory, concentration, imagination, reasoning, critical thinking, visualisation, observation, reading and writing ability and confidence.

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Smart Brain Video
  • Smart Brain Mental Maths and Soroban Challenge 07
  • Finalist of Mid-Essex Business Awards 2006
  • Smart Brain Finalist in Mid-Essex Business Award
  • New centre opening in Barking & Dagenham. Read more in Parent Guide.
Give your child a head start in life